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Stimulus: Who qualifies for the $500 stimulus tax rebate?

Residents living in Missouri may be in luck and qualify for a $500 stimulus tax rebate check if a plan supported by the Senate passes.

stimulus check with cash from a tax rebate some Americans could see

The stimulus tax rebate would help residents offset the rising costs caused by inflation and the gas price spikes.

The plan looks like it’s going to be supported, but still needs to face a vote with the House and get the signature of Governor Mike Parson.

States sending checks in May 2022

Eligibility for the $500 stimulus tax rebate

There would be certain eligibility requirements for those who could qualify for the rebate.

Individuals that earn less than $150,000 and married couples earning less than $300,000 would qualify for the money.

Individuals will see $500 payments, while joint filers will see $1,000.

The payments may be prorated to keep the amount paid by Missouri under $500 million.

The House had a plan like this one with no income requirement and a $1 billion dollar prorated limit.

In order to be eligible, you need to have paid taxes in the past. The money would be excess funds returning to taxpayers.

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