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Stimulus: States sending stimulus checks in May 2022

Millions of Americans will be lucky enough to see a stimulus check this month if they happen to qualify and live in an area sending them.

stimulus check being sent in certain states

There are four states currently sending stimulus checks in the month of May.

This includes California, Delaware, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois.

Many of these moves are to help Americans facing financial strains following the pandemic.

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Here are the states sending residents stimulus checks in May 2022


California is sending out the remaining Golden State Stimulus I and II checks to those who qualified but did not yet receive them.

The first batch will go out in May.

The second batch will go out in June.

To qualify, California residents needed to earn under $75,000 and file their taxes by Oct. 15, 2021.

Checks are worth $1,100-$1,200.

Stimulus: $500 refund supported for Missouri residents


Filers in Colorado will see $400 if single and $800 if filing jointly.

This is from the TABOR refunds.

5.8 million residents are expected to benefit.


Delaware will send out stimulus checks at the end of the month.

Single filers will see $300 and joint filers will see $600.

The refunds are going to residents who filed taxes in 2020 and those who did not earn enough to file taxes.

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Indiana is sending payments worth $125 to residents.

Married couples will see $250.

This is part of the budget surplus.

$3.9 billion dollars will benefit 4.3 million residents.

Chicago, Illinois

Prepaid stimulus gas cards will be going out to Chicago residents who are suffering from the price of gas.

50,000 prepaid cards are going out, but 75% are specifically going to struggling communities.

100,000 transit cards will also be sent out.

Gas cards are worth $150 and transit cards are worth $50.

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