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Social Security: Are you one of millions of Americans underpaid by up to $4,113?

An audit done recently on Social Security benefits shows that 14,470 benefit collectors have been underpaid by a total of $59.5 million.

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The SSA failed to pay correct benefits to thousands of students.

100 students were sampled and it was found that 87 had their benefits ended unexpectedly and then lost $357,872.

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Social Security: 3 common mistakes to avoid

It happened because SSA workers failed to correctly input the student information on their records while using the Post Entitlement Online System and Modernized Claims System.

Five recommendations were made by the Inspector General that the SSA accepted.

Others aside from retirees who claim Social Security benefits

Those with a disability as well as some children and widowers receive benefits from the SSA.

Are you eligible for Social Security if you’ve never paid into it?

Children receive benefits from the Old-Age Survivors and Disability Insurance program.

This means dependents and survivors of retired and disabled workers can still get benefits.

If children are over 18 but a student in elementary or secondary school, they still qualify for benefits.

They must be in school full time and age 19 and two months or younger.

Form SSA-1373-BK can be filled out to complete this process.

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