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Missouri residents could get $1,000- are you eligible?

Working Americans in Missouri could see and extra $1,000.


A $49 million budget that grants this has been passed by the House and Senate.

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Who qualifies?

Included in the budget that just passed is $500 million for tax rebates. Taxpayers may qualify for a one-time refund of $500 or $1,000  for couples. Read more about it here.

In order to qualify for this rebate, there is an income threshold. Annual income for a single filer must be under $150,000 or $300,000 for couples.

Another qualification is that you paid income tax last year.

However, Governor Mike Parson has to sign it into effect, and his stance remains unclear.

This budget will also expand Medicaid eligibility, increase payments to medical and personal care providers, and improve broadband internet access.

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