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Stimulus: Qualifying for the May 2022 $850 stimulus check

Residents of Maine can soon expect their stimulus check worth $850, which will be sent to 800,000 residents by June.

stimulus checks with cash

This comes from a $1.2 billion dollar supplemental budget that was signed by Governor Janet Mills.

The goal is to offset expenses like food, gas, and groceries for residents of Maine.

Check the status of your stimulus payment

The state launched a Relief Check website to help people understand the stimulus payment.

Basic questions are answered in the website’s portal, like why the checks are being sent and if you may be eligible.

In total, over half the budget surplus is going out to Maine residents in the form of a stimulus check.

You could see $1,400 but applications close soon

The website will also offer resources for filing taxes, finding financial support, and getting the $850 check.

Eligibility for the stimulus check

If you’re single your income cannot exceed $100,000.

Married couples cannot exceed a yearly income of $200,000.

In order to get the check, you must file your state income tax return by Oct. 31, 2022.

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