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COVID Vaccine: The Johnson & Johnson shot has been restricted

The Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine has faced a lot of controversy, and it comes as no surprise that the vaccine is now being restricted.

covid vaccine being drawn into a syringe

The reason is its heightened risk of blood clots.

This means the vaccine may only be used as a last resort.

The FDA restricted the vaccine following cases of blood clots after it was administered.

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The problems appear to be rare, but the severity of the blood clots pose enough of a risk.

Adults are only being given the vaccine if there are no other choices for other ones or if they specifically choose it.

In addition, studies show the shot is less effective at creating immunity.

Risks with the COVID vaccine from Johnson & Johnson

Those with blood clots saw them appear within the first two weeks of being vaccinated.

Less than 17 million Americans received this shot compared to the 200 million that received a two dose brand.

60 cases of blood clots have been reported.

Johnson & Johnson responded by saying, “Data continue to support a favorable benefit-risk profile for the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine in adults, when compared with no vaccine.”

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