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Stimulus: Are you eligible for $300 rebates in May?

On May 31, some Americans will see payments worth $300 sent to them in the form of a one time stimulus rebate payment.

stimulus rebate check being sent to Delaware residents this month

Residents in the state of Delaware will benefit from these payments thanks to a plan passed April 14.

The program is called the 2022 Delaware Relief Rebate Program.

The program is designed to help offset the rising costs of gas and groceries for Delaware residents.

Who is eligible for the stimulus rebate?

The stimulus rebate is worth $300 and will be sent as a one time payment.

Anyone who filed their 2020 tax return will see the rebate.

The first round of checks are set to go out at the end of May.

There will be more rounds after that.

There are no income limits and anyone who filed that return will see a payment.

The payments are going out by mail and will be sent to the address on file with the state tax department.

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