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Social Security beneficiaries are feeling the stress of inflation

Some Social Security beneficiaries say the money they are getting isn’t enough.

Social Security money

The rising costs of everyday items has not helped to stretch a dollar.

Deadlines to apply for $1,000 payments and $150 gas cards

Social Security Administration changes

Late last year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that they would boost retirement by 5.9%. What seems to sound like a sizable boost, hasn’t gone as far as some feel it should. Read more about it here.

The SSA said that the benefits are supposed to be supplemental income, not an persons entire earnings. However, many beneficiaries are dependent primarily on the benefit money.

As inflation continues to rise, it is possible that there could be another boost to the benefit next year. However, if you are having trouble affording thigs like prescriptions in the meantime contact your local area Agency on Aging.

Social Security: May 2022 benefits schedule

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