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Gas Stimulus: Who is getting the free $150 gas card?

The City of Chicago recently passed legislation that would give some residents money towards gas with a gas stimulus program.

gas pumps where Chicago residents can use gas stimulus cards on

The program is called Chicago Moves and will give out 50,000 gas cards worth $150 each.

In addition, 100,000 transit cards worth $50 will also be distributed.

Not everyone is eligible for a payment.

The cards will be given out in neighborhoods that were hit harder financially by rising gas prices.

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Eligibility for the gas stimulus program

There will be a lottery system for residents of Chicago to get the prepaid gas or transit card.

An application must be filled out online or by mail.

Applications can also be found at any Chicago Public Library location.

Stimulus: $150 gas stimulus cards available TODAY

You must be 18 or older and a resident of Chicago.

You need a valid address with a city sticker.

Household income must be at 100% of the area median income.

One application per household will be accepted.

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Gas payments and the U.S. government

Once residents get the cards, there are 417 location accepting them.

9 gas stations not in good standing with the city are excluded.

The lottery for the gas stimulus program will be held the second week of each month starting in May and go through September.

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