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Gas Stimulus: Stimulus payments and the U.S. government

As gas prices continue to rise, Americans are asking what the government might be doing regarding a gas stimulus payment.

gas pump where people may soon see gas stimulus payments

Gas prices have continued to rise due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as inflation.

The government is attempting to give certain rebates to individuals to offset the costs of gas.

Gas Stimulus: $150 gas cards could soon be available

There are two programs that were recently announced this week.

There are $20 million dollars in rebates to replace current and old vehicles with electric vehicles.

President Biden expressed the move is being made in response to the climate crisis and that this type of thing could not have been done years ago.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

What residents can expect a gas stimulus payment?

Residents in Chicago can expect the potential for a $150 gas card to help offset the rising expenses.

Low income residents in harder hit neighborhoods will be prioritized.

75% of the cards will go to the south and west side neighborhoods.

The remaining 25% will go out to the rest of Chicago.

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