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Fratto says Jacobs campaign said no to debate in 24th District

Incumbent Congressman Chris Jocobs has apparently declined a debate with Mario Fratto.

Fratto a candidate for Congress in the 24th District, is challenging Jacobs in June’s primary.

Last week, he challenged the incumbent to a debate. In a press release Tuesday, the Fratto campaign said they were notified by Jacobs that no debate would occur.

“RINO Congressman Chris Jacobs ‘does not feel the need to debate with Mr. Fratto’,” the release reads.

In response, Fratto released a statement:

“The reason Chris Jacobs refuses to debate me is because he doesn’t want to have to defend his record of siding with Pelosi and betraying Republicans over and over again. He can’t publicly defend voting for the January 6th Commission, giving billions of taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood, voting to take away gun rights, and giving biological men legal access to women’s sports and bathrooms. My message to RINO Chris is simple: Unlike you, I’m not afraid to tell the voters where I stand on the issues that matter. I’ll debate you anytime, anywhere.”

Fratto has lived in the district for five generations. He’s an attorney and run’s his family’s granite construction business.