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Taco Bell is doing a Drag Brunch tour- How do I get tickets?

Taco Bell is launching a Drag Brunch tour.

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This is a limited time experience and will require reservations.

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How can I get tickets?

Taco Bell’s official Drag Brunch will start on May 1, 2022. Taco Bell Fire Tier Rewards members will be the first to be able to make reservations. The rewards members will be able to start making reservations starting on April 26. Additional details are available here.

Reservation will only be available on the OpenTable app. You do need to be least 18 years old to make a reservation.

The Taco Bell Drag Brunch will only be held at four locations. The event will be kicked off on May 1 at the Las Vegas Cantina. The following locations will be:

  • May 22: Chicago, Wrigleyville Cantina
  • May 29: Nashville Cantina
  • June 12: New York, Times Square Cantina
  • June 26: Fort Lauderdale Cantina

Are they doing it for a cause?

The brunch will highlight the It Gets Better Project. The project is an LGBTQ internet based nonprofit organization.

Taco Bell is issuing a grant to the It Gets Better Project to help the organization broaden their global resources for LGBT youth.

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