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Officials in Seneca County take on housing issues

Seneca Housing is pleased to announce that the NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation has accepted their application in response to the Request for Proposals for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program in Seneca County. Seneca Housing will continue to serve as Seneca County’s Local Administrator to the NYS Housing Trust Fund Corporation in the delivery and administration of the Housing Choice Voucher program. This program provides subsidies to very low and extremely low-income families to assist them in gaining access to housing in the private sector. Local Administrators, like Seneca Housing, are responsible for delivering services to families most in need, applying State policy in a local context, and leveraging community resources to promote mobility, economic advancement, and housing stability for participants. Seneca Housing is proud to be a member of one of the most innovative and high performing Public Housing Authorities in the nation, both in terms of regulatory compliance and vastly accessible customer service. Seneca Housing is in tune with the needs of Seneca County’s vulnerable families and is honored to have been selected to continue offering an exceptional community-based service delivery model. In 2021, Seneca Housing paid $2,481,794 in subsidies to property owners in Seneca County and delivered more than $35,000 in CARES Act relief funding to Seneca County residents. 

Additionally, to reduce obstacles faced by participants in obtaining housing and to incentivize landlords to rent to program participants in competitive markets, Seneca Housing has been awarded funding to implement both a Landlord Rent Incentive and Security Deposit Assistance Program. The Landlord Rent Incentive is a one-time bonus payment equal to one-month’s rent that is available to any participating landlord owning a unit into which an eligible HCV participant moves. The Security Deposit Assistance Program is a security deposit fulfillment that will be paid directly to landlords owning a unit into which an eligible participant moves.

Seneca Housing is also the designer of the Seneca County Veterans’ Housing Initiative and has procured separate funding specifically for the purpose of financing security deposits for Veterans who wish to live in rental housing in Seneca County. Likewise, their annual fundraiser, Masquerade, funds the construction and maintenance of safe, decent, and affordable rental housing for Veterans in Seneca County. This year’s event, Masquerade 2022, will be on October 22, 2022, in the Vine Showroom at del Lago Resort & Casino. Anyone interested in sponsorship opportunities should contact Melissa at 315-568-2200.

Founded in 1972, Seneca Housing is a 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit corporation and treated as a public charity for Federal tax purposes.