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Heated blanket recall due to fire hazard

These heated blankets are being recalled.

Recalled heated blanket. Photo sourced from Consumer Product Safety Comission.

MWA recall LUXE+WILLOW heated blankets due to burn and fire hazards.

Three reported cases of overheating.

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Heated Blanket recall

MWA is recalling these blankets because of the risk of fire and burns.

It is possible that these blankets can overheat.

If they are left plugged in and turn on of a long period of time.

This could potentially cause a fire and burns.

The recalled blankets will have L&W BIO and LUXE+WILLOW printed on the label of the blanket.

The blanket is 50 by 50 inches and has a white Sherpa lining.

There is about 4,200 blankets included in this recall.

They were sold at T.J Maxx, Urban Outfitter and other stores nationwide.

So far there has been three reported cases of these blankets getting too hot.

From January 2022 through March 2022.

If you have purchased one of these recalled heated blankets do not use them.

Contact MWA for a $50 voucher towards a new blanket.

Or a full refund.

You can call 855-459-3933 to talk to a MWA representative.

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