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SSDI: What qualifications need to be met for SSDI payments?

Millions of Americans collect SSDI payments each month from Social Security, but they must meet certain criteria first.

SSDI application

SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance.

With SSDI, eligible people and their family members can receive insured payments.

The insured payments are from working for a long enough time that you’ve paid Social Security taxes on your earnings.

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The disability you’re collecting for must be a full disability, not partial or short term.

In order to qualify, you cannot work or be able to complete substantial gainful activity because of the disability.

You cannot do work you did before or adjust to other types of work because of the disability.

Your medical conditions needs to have lasted for one year or be expected to result in death.

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Qualification requirements for SSDI

  • You must be 18 or older
  • Cannot be getting benefits already with your Social Security record
  • Unable to work because of your condition for one year or longer
  • Cannot have been denied SSDI in the last 60 days
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