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Top PC games you can play right now

It’s much easier these days to obtain a desktop laptop for gaming and begin playing the latest games than ever before. All you need is one of a wide variety of reasonably good gaming PCs, a few upgrades and you can start playing these best PC games right away.

The finest PC games are better than ever these days, and with new technologies like Microsoft DS on the horizon, they’ll get much better. The days when PC games were not very popular in the face of gaming consoles are long gone. Now most of the best console games are all available for PCs.

Because there are so many, this list can only capture a very small portion of the total number of fantastic PC gaming experiences out this year. So here are the three Best PC Games right now.

Elden Ring

Dark Souls creator From Software’s next fantasy gauntlet is fantastic. Although the transition to an open world isn’t entirely successful, this is still a massive, exciting new game from a studio that established a branch of the action RPG genre.

Limited safe zones, multiplayer-like features such as messages, and lethal boss encounters are all present, but they’re scattered across the map rather than waiting for you to find them at the end of a metaphorical corridor. Even novices to the Soulsborne series who aren’t familiar with the series should find the game to be rather friendly.

God Of War

The 2018 release PC version of the old PlayStation is all about about parenting and divine drama and is the best version yet.

It delves into Old Norse mythology, which is a rich source of lore and information, and wraps it up in a very gripping father-son drama. The action is also fantastic, with never a dull moment and a good dose of difficulty thrown in for good measure. Of course, because this is a God of War game, you’ll have to fight your way through a variety of creatures and gods.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

It won’t take long for you to discover that the Microsoft Flight Simulator is a labor of love, beyond its flawless graphics and outstanding peripheral compatibility. There’s a lot of detail here, as well as a level of realism and immersion that you won’t find anywhere else.

None of the other top PC games on this list allow you the entire planet to play with, but Microsoft’s latest flight simulator does, with a massive scale and a finely detailed hangar of planes to operate.

Advice For Beginners

Going by category is a nice place to start when looking for the top PC games. While these aren’t exact criteria for what is and isn’t included in each game, they will give you a good understanding of what each game is about.

Whatever game type you prefer, one aspect of PC gaming that is ubiquitous is the use of the mouse. A novice will benefit from a click test to improve click speed and have a better gaming experience.

You should also think about how much time you want to devote to a game. Story-driven games, for example, are typically far shorter than the usual RPG, and multiplayer games offer potentially endless value if you’re willing to put in the work to learn them.

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