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Social Security: Never share your SSN in these scenarios

Most of the time if you’re asked to share your Social Security number, it’s a scam. This is especially true through email or a phone call.

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If you aren’t the one making the call for a reason, then you should never tell someone over the phone personal information.

There are things people who get their hands your SSN can do.

This includes opening accounts in your name, filing tax returns, get medical care, steal benefits, and commit crimes.

There were 1.4 million reports of identity theft last year, according to the FTC.

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Which Social Security benefits do I qualify for?

When is it safe to share your Social Security number, if at all?

There are limited times when you must use your SSN.

You’ll need it for things like purchasing a home, getting a credit card, or other big things.

Businesses in charge of this have a process for it.

Did you claim benefits early? Here’s how to boost payments

What businesses will ask for your SSN?

  • Banks
  • Credit reporting agencies
  • The DMV
  • Tax offices
  • Welfare offices
  • Insurance offices
  • Employers

When it’s likely a scam to get your Social Security number

Most scammers will pose as a legitimate company or agency to get your information.

The SSA and IRS will never contact someone demanding money.

If you’re being threatened with arrest, loss of benefits, or legal action it’s a scam.

These places will never demand secrecy or money.

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