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Social Security: Did you claim early? Here’s how to boost payments

Millions of Americans collect Social Security payments every year to help pay for their daily lives once they choose to retire.

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While the retirement age starts at 62, choosing to retire this early can cut your benefits in a major way.

If you retire at your full retirement age, which is 66-67, you’ll see 100% of the benefits you’re entitled to.

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You could also put off retiring until age 70 and see an even bigger monthly payout.

Unfortunately, some people get excited and want to just retire as soon as they can.

Here are three things you can do to boost your Social Security if you retired too early

You could start working again.

If you’re under your full retirement age, working could cause your benefits to stop but it will help your benefits in the future.

While your Social Security payments may be entirely withheld because you work, they’ll be recalculated for the future.

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You may rescind your Social Security benefits claim.

If you filed less than a year ago, you can rescind your application.

You must pay back any benefits you already received.

If you can afford to do this and will benefit in the long run, it may be worthwhile.

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You may also suspend your benefits.

If you’re already at FRA you could suspend benefits until you turn 70, or you decide to restart them.

This would cause your benefits to grow between then and age 70.

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