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How much is the average child support payment?

The price of the payment varies based on income.

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Where the child lives primarily also plays a roll.

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What is the average child support payment?

In the event that you and your partner decide to split, you’ll need to reach an agreement determining how much each person will pay towards the child. Who the child lives with for most of the time is also taken into consideration. Read more about it here.

There is a method used to help determine how much the payments should be. In accordance with the Child Support Guidelines, a court will typically look at your adjusted gross income minus deductions like taxes and then multiplied by the guideline percentage for the number of children you have to support.

For example, if you make $15,000 a year and provide financial support for one child, you’ll pay 17% of your income. That would amount to $2,550 a year or $215.50 a month.

In terms of the average child support payment in the US, it comes in at around $43o a month based off of the 2010 Census. The amount you pay could be bigger or smaller based on your income and personal situation.

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