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Use this trick to get free drinks at Panera until July

Panera Bread has introduced an unlimited drink subscription service.

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It is only for a limited time, but it is free!

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How can I take advantage?

The Panera Unlimited Sip Club Subscription offers unlimited free coffee, iced coffee, lemonade, hot tea, and fountain drinks. However they are only available to subscribers. Read more about it here.

Members of the Unlimited Sip Club can switch their drink every two hours and can get free refills on whatever is in their cup at the time.

Membership is typically $10.99 a month, but Panera is waiving the cost through July 4. However, you’ll have to sign up before May 6.

That means at least two months of free, bottomless drinks.

Cold brews, espresso drinks, iced teas and a few other items are excluded, but there are 26 bottomless drinks to choose from.

Panera is also using the free subscription period to promote its new line of charged lemonade. These drinks contain as much caffeine as coffee.

Even though the program is free through July 4, you’ll still need to put in a credit card to become a member. The first payment renewal will happen on July 18, and you’ll have free drinks until then.

You can cancel anytime before the renewal date free of charge, or you can pay for the subscription and continue to get unlimited drinks.

In order to take advantage, you’ll need a MyPanera account. It’s their free loyalty program. After that, you’ll be able to redeem Unlimited Sip Club deals on the app or online.

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