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IRS: When will I see my tax refund if I just filed my taxes?

The deadline for taxes and filing with the IRS has arrived, but now that people have filed they want their refunds.

tax refund graphic with irs forms and tax check

Unfortunately there may still be some delays going on.

Not only is the backlog from 2020 still happening, but millions of tax returns were submitted today to join an already large pile of unprocessed returns.

Normally it takes two weeks for electronic refunds and six weeks for paper, but that standard has been lengthened.

IRS: How can I get a tax return filing extension?

Now taxpayers will wait at least 21 days for an electronic refund.

If you filed a paper return, you will likely see delays.

Paper returns will not be processed before electronic returns.

Even electronic filers may see delays with their returns if they claimed things like the recovery rebate credit.

How does unearned income impact taxes?

Any minor mistake or inconsistency can cause a major delay.

The backlog began in 2020 when the pandemic slowed the entire world down.

This created mass confusion when people who filed their taxes started receiving late notices.

Their taxes were actually filed on time, they just weren’t processed.

The average person should see their refund sent within 21 days of their return being received by the IRS.

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