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Food Stamps: Ways you can get more benefits out of the SNAP program

Millions of Americans each month collect food stamp benefits that help then purchase food each month.

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Emergency benefits were provided when the U.S. declared a public health emergency at the start of the pandemic.

When the declaration ends, the emergency benefits will end.

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Emergency benefits from COVID-19 end in two days

There are other programs or benefits available to food stamp beneficiaries

WIC will give women, infants, and children food benefits in addition to food stamps.

You need to be deemed to be at nutritional risk and meet income requirements that vary by state.

Can I buy my kids Easter baskets with my EBT card?

The Lifeline Program can lower some of your home’s bills.

The program focuses on the cost of phone and internet services in addition to some people seeing free tablets.

Amazon Prime offers memberships at a discounted rate for those collecting SNAP benefits.

The YMCA will often offer local discounts to families who collect food stamps.

Some gas stations offers sales for items in their convenience stores for those with EBT cards.

Many museums will discount the cost of admission for those with EBT cards.

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