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Stimulus: Surprise checks worth $2,000 help Americans amid inflation

Pennsylvania residents may get much needed financial reprieve in the form of $2,000 stimulus checks as inflation continues to rise.

cash some Americans can see from stimulus checks or stimulus payments

The state governor has proposed using $500 million from the American Rescue Plan to give the direct payments to families.

Anyone with a household income of $80,000 and under would qualify if the proposal is passed.

The move is in response to life becoming more expensive as residents struggle to afford gas and groceries.

Stimulus: Some to see $1,200 stimulus checks soon

State Senator Christine Tartaglione supports the bill.

$2 billion of the American Rescue Plan funds given to the state have yet to be committed to any sort of use.

Another proposal includes a $1.7 billion dollar package that has $225 million allocated to help small businesses.

$300 million would go toward bolstering healthcare in the state.

If there aren’t solid plans in place by Dec. of 2024 then the money needs to be returned to the federal government.

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