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Child Support: Which states have the highest payments?

The amount of money one parent must give another in child support depends on the state, among other things.

cash representing child support payments in each state

The federal government has guidelines for child support, but states can set their own rules.

This means it could vary from one state to the next.

A study recently reported that the difference between the lowest and highest states was $800, according to AS.

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How much are child support payments between states?

Massachusetts’ average monthly payment is as high as $1,187 per month. This is the state with the highest average payment.

Virginia has the lowest monthly payment at just $402 per month.

The average monthly payment across the country was $721 per month.

The required payments aren’t based on the cost of living in many states.

Hawaii is one of the top 5 most expensive states to live in, and it was the only one to rank in the top ten highest average child support payments.

Maryland and New Jersey, two of the most expensive states to live in, ranked with two of the lowest payments.

California was below the national average at $566 and New York was above at $895.

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