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Instacart’s tipping change and how it will impact your order

Instacart is making several changes to the tipping feature on the app.

Instacart's grocery delivery service has new tipping protection

They are offering tip protection for workers.

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Tipping changes

Instacart is implementing a first-of-its kind tip protection for workers to help increase earnings. Read more about the changes here.

The changes have been implemented in order to address “tip baiting.” This means that a customer zeros out their tip after delivery without reporting an issue. Instacart will now cover the amount of the zeroed-out tip up to $10.

Instacart said that this isn’t a huge problem, but they want their workers protected. The cost will be covered by Instacart, it will not impact shoppers.

Instacart also wants to encourage customers to leave larger tips and make them easier for workers to access.  Workers will now be able to cash out their tips two hours after an order is delivered. Right now, there is a 24 wait period before you can cash out.

Customers who rate their shopper five stars will be prompted to increase their tip after checkout. This feature has created a 6% increase in shoppers tips during its pilot period.

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