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Assistance: Free diapers and feminine products for thousands available

Los Angeles County has created various programs to offer assistance to its residents. Now they’re giving free diapers and feminine hygiene products.

pads and tampons offered for free with assistance from los angeles county

The pilot program was approved this week by the Los Angeles County board of supervisors.

Items in need will be available at places in the county like parks, museums, and libraries.

There is no confirmed date, but venues need to report how they’ve implemented the program within 60 days.

The data will be analyzed after one year.

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The program started because almost 50% of women are in poverty and cannot afford menstrual products.

The cost of diapers has also sky rocketed with inflation.

The program is modeled after how middle and high schools offer free feminine hygiene products in California.

UCLA began this week.

How expensive are feminine products that assistance is necessary?

Women have needed to purchase menstrual products for decades and sometimes cannot afford them.

Pads and tampons can be expensive.

Women have been forced to use cloth, rags, tissue, and toilet paper in place of hygiene products.

In addition to necessary products being unaffordable to many, sales tax is added in 35 states.

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