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Reasons why bitcoin is the next gold

Bitcoin is popular amongst millennials. There is direct access to the digital asset and the younger generation of investors feel that bitcoin investments are more rewarding than gold. 

Gold has always been a favorite and safe mode of investment. Investors with minimal risk appetite expect their funds to grow to find gold investment a haven. In addition to the investment, gold is also useful for purpose of gifting. With the advancements in technology and investment model, gold is today available in digital form as well. This means you don’t need to buy gold in physical form. You can buy this asset in digital form and sell the same at a higher price at

Launched in 2009, bitcoin became popular amongst investors since its launch. The price of bitcoin reached an all-time high of $60,000 in 2021. Several institutions, technology giants, and other automobile companies support bitcoin payments. This is another prominent reason for interest amongst investors to buy bitcoin. 

The recent pandemic is another eye-opener to everyone. People across the globe realized the importance of savings and having liquidity to assets. While the whole economy crumbled, both bitcoin and gold were able to surpass this pressure. Both these assets continued to provide better returns to investors. With no involvement of any regulatory agencies, investors may find it difficult to report inappropriate transactions. 

Gold – Trusted investment model 

Gold has proven to be an asset. Time and again their market performance has surged. Any investment in gold is safe. Investors consider gold as an asset with proven track records. In addition to individual investors, major financial institutions including regulatory authorities invest in gold. Central banks, government, and non-government organizations, pension schemes invest in gold. Another added advantage of gold investment is its regulations. Every gold bond or gold investment scheme is under the radar of the central bank and government. This allows investors to raise claims against any fraudulent practices.

Bitcoin has a track record of more than 15 years in the investment market. During this period, bitcoin has created a niche market. Countries are now looking at legalizing bitcoin payments. Most regulatory authorities are tracking bitcoin payments. Soon we can expect banks and other regulatory agencies to come in support of bitcoins. This will also include central control over bitcoin payments. Bitcoin has also not faced any financial crash or market downtime in the past 15 years. The market rate continues to grow and has provided investors with a safe return to their investment. Yet another reason is its accessibility. Once can access bitcoin from anywhere on the globe with a laptop, a stable internet connection. However, in the case of gold, you cannot physically carry it everywhere. And during a crisis, it may not be easily possible to sell these assets immediately. 

Common features between these two assets

While both these investment schemes seem lucrative, let us also understand other similarities – 


Both these assets are rare and does not produce like fiat currencies. It is estimated that by the end of 2140, bitcoin will no longer be mined. 


Both bitcoin and gold expose themselves to liquid markets. These assets is exchangeable through fiat currencies.

Transparency of asset

This is added similarity between bitcoin and gold. Both these assets cannot be faked, corrupted, and stolen from their respective users. The trading model is unique and proven to sustain hacking and other vulnerabilities. The encrypted decentralized finance and blockchain system makes bitcoin a safe investment model. The security of transactions in gold and bitcoin makes it impossible to manipulate these assets. 

So where do you invest next – Gold or bitcoin?

By now, you have already understood that both the investment model is safe and secure. Gold holds a special interest to everyone. The same approach is seen these days for bitcoin as well. Bitcoin is highly volatile and is exposed to risky market conditions always. There is the possibility of prices fluctuating day in and out due to unforeseen risks. Gold has underperformed as compared to bitcoin. But, the safety and central regulations make it a safe investment bet. If you are looking at making safe investments, then it is possible by investing in both assets. This way your investment is balanced.  

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