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Stimulus: Two days left to claim $285, only 500,000 qualify

Residents in Maine only have two days left to claim a direct stimulus payment worth $285 dollars before they risk losing out.

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This money comes from the Disaster Relief Program in the state of Maine.

The one time payment is available to 524,754 employees.

The goal of the program is to help minimize the burden felt financially from the pandemic.

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The State Tax Assessor has identified everyone eligible.

The amount of $285 was created when the assessor divided the allocated funds, which are $149.8 million, by the 524,754 eligible residents.

How to qualify for the one time stimulus payment

In order to qualify you need to have filed a state tax return with Maine for 2020 by Oct. 31, 2021.

Your AGI cannot exceed $75,000 for single filing status or $150,000 for filing jointly.

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Head of household cannot exceed $112,500.

You must have earned a salary, wages or tips in 2020.

Someone else cannot have claimed you as a dependent.

Business income makes people ineligible.

How to get the stimulus payment

There is no application process for this payment.

The payments were supposed to be sent before 2021 ended, but you may need to reach out if you missed your payment.

The amount of checks already sent is more that 524,000.

This leaves a number of people still missing checks.

It could have happened if you changed your address.

Lost or stolen payments may be a reason people are missing them.

If you do not reach out to Maine Revenue Services by March 31, 2022, you will lose the payment.

You can call them at (207) 624-9924.

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