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Gas Stimulus: California’s gas tax refunds explained

Governor Newsom in California has been working to provide help to residents of the state amid rising gas prices with a gas stimulus package.

someone putting gas in their car as California considers gas stimulus package

The refunds would be worth $400 per registered vehicle that is owned for each resident.

There is a two vehicle limit.

Is there a gas stimulus check?

What is Governor Newsom saying about the gas stimulus rebate?

Newsom stated that the goal is to get money back to residents of the state, despite gas prices.

Gas prices are just one reason.

In addition, inflation has caused more issues and the cost of living to rise throughout American’s daily lives.

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$100 monthly payments for high gas prices isn’t enough

What would the gas stimulus refund look like?

Residents can claim $400 per registered vehicle, but only for two vehicles.

Anyone with electric vehicles or that does not use gasoline for their vehicle will qualify.

Businesses with fleets of vehicles won’t be eligible.

The move will give money to qualifying individuals directly.

Another proposal worth $750 million would make public transit free to residents for up to three months as gas prices rise.

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