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Food Stamps: If you’re overpaid you have to pay benefits back

Mistakes happen, and now mistakes made by SNAP benefit agencies are falling on the shoulders of food stamp recipients.

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According to The Sun, Colorado had 64 counties report calculation errors when it came to sending benefits to residents.

This overpayment was done by the agency, but the responsibility for the mistake is given to food stamp beneficiaries.

As of Jan. 2022, $126.9 million dollars in SNAP benefits were issued to 267,000 households.

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What happens if you’re overpaid in food stamps?

The overpayments need to be repaid to the agency going as far back as one year.

Whether recipients are told of the overpayment is unclear, in which case it may keep happening and they aren’t aware.

It is not the responsibility of recipients to figure out what they’re supposed to be paid.

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What to do if you find you were overpaid

In order to get the money back, the government may reduce your future payments.

If you do not get food stamps anymore, you may need to work out a payment plan with the agency.

If you refuse, your wages and unemployment can be garnished.

Your tax refund can be taken as well.

You’ll receive a letter with instructions from the agency if they find you’ve been overpaid.

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