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Food Stamps & Medicaid: Don’t miss out on $1,000s in COVID-19 benefits

The United States have been under a state of public health emergency since 2020, and in 3 weeks when it ends it will change food stamp and Medicaid benefits.

family that receives medicaid and food stamps through the public health emergency

Both services have provided Americans with extra money and services to offset the burden caused by the pandemic.

The public health emergency has been extended multiple times since it started.

It’s last extension was made on Jan. 16, 2022 by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

These states have stopped emergency food stamp benefits

It has not been extended since then.

The date set for benefits to expire is April 15, 2022.

Many states are phasing out of the benefits so it isn’t sudden on their residents.

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Food Stamps: SNAP beneficiaries could see $10 dollars for specific purchases

Food Stamps benefits

The extra food stamps are known as an emergency allotment.

They were provided by the federal government to help states provide extra SNAP benefits for their residents.

People saw at least $95 extra dollars in benefits each month.

States that have started to phase out of funds include

  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • South Dakota
  • West Virginia

States must notify recipients at least once month in advance before ending benefits.

Medicaid: Income requirements for the program

Medicaid benefits

Low income Americans use Medicaid as a way to have health coverage.

States spending varies from state to state, but covers children and people with disabilities.

Enrollment into Medicaid grew by 14 million during the pandemic.

Medicaid was receiving enhanced funding for not terminating enrollment for people who had Medicaid in March of 2020 until now.

You should check on your benefits to be sure you don’t lose them when the public health emergency ends April 15.

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