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Stimulus: When will Americans see a fourth stimulus payment for gas?

With record highs reaching over $6.00 per gallon for gas in places like Los Angeles, Americans are wondering about a fourth stimulus payment.

stimulus check with red stamp

As gas prices become unaffordable for many Americans, lawmakers are looking into stimulus payments for Americans.

While the national average remains around $4, states like California are suffering up to $6 averages.

Democratic lawmakers are looking into a proposal that would help offset the costs of rising gas.

$100 monthly payments for high gas prices isn’t enough

Stimulus checks worth $300 or $400 dollars

Under this new bill, families with two children could see up to $300 per month if the price of gas stays over $4.

Another proposal could give taxpayers $100 if their income is below $75,000 with an additional $100 per dependent.

California state governor Gavin Newsom also proposed a new stimulus program.

His plan would give California residents $400 per vehicle.

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