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Wayne County exotic wildlife farm releases statement on DEC investigation, seizure of animals

World of Wildlife Educational Encounters has released a statement to their website following the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) seizing over 800 of their animals, most of which were rodents.

The news first broke of the DEC/USDA’s joint investigation and seizure of some of the wildlife farm’s animals last week. In the aftermath, the organization’s website and Facebook page were shut down. Not by any government entity, but by the owner’s themselves. Since then, the Facebook page is back up. While the website is still in ‘Maintenance mode,’ the exotic wildlife farm has posted a statement regarding the seized animals.

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The statement reads as follows:

We are devastated with the recent seizure of some of our animals who have acted as animal ambassadors in our wildlife programs through the years. The animals that were seized by the NYS DEC were removed because of an error in licensing paperwork, not because of their living conditions or health.

 The “800” animals taken to Lollypop Farm were primarily rodents with their babies. Rats and mice can have between 10 to 15 babies at a time and these babies were included as part of that number (For example 50 mice that have 10 babies each all of a sudden turn into 500 animals if you count them individually) which is what was done.

Unfortunately many of the reports out there are more sensationalism than fact. We are currently working with the proper people to get everything corrected and have our animals safely returned to us. Please understand, we do still have some of our animals and websites/pages were temporarily disabled due to threats against us and our volunteers when the initial story broke. We need to protect our animal ambassadors as well as volunteers while the entire story is being told.

We would like to thank all of those who have reached out and provided us with positive affirmations and support during this trying time. Your faith and confidence in us is greatly appreciated.”

The 800+ seized animals taken to the Humane Society of Greater Rochester’s Lollypop Farm in Victor are mainly rabbits and rats. You can find out how to help here.

An alligator, bobcat, snakes, and hybrid wolves were also seized. The DEC’s investigation remains ongoing.