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IRS: Watch out for these simple mistakes that could delay your refund by months

Americans everywhere are working to file their tax refunds with the IRS, but if any mistakes are made it could cause a delay.

tax return forms to submit to the IRS

The IRS is currently understaffed and underfunded, making processing a bit slower.

If your return has any mistakes that require attention from the agency, it may take quite awhile before someone gets to it.

Last tax season they was only able to answer 1 out of every 10 phone calls. This meant your chances of getting through to a person are slim.

In order to avoid a delay, it’s best to do your taxes carefully and digitally.

Tax form question that you cannot leave blank

File electronically with the IRS and choose direct deposit

The fastest way for you to see your refund is by filing electronically with the IRS.

You can do this online with tax software from different companies or through the IRS Free File.

Filing electronically checks your information to lower the chances of mistakes.

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Your return will arrive to the IRS quicker and go into the system without someone needing to enter it.

Choosing direct deposit will get you your refund weeks faster and lessen the chances of a paper check being lost in the mail.

Make sure all numbers are correct for the IRS

The most important is to be sure that numbers provided by the IRS match what you’re submitting.

This is for stimulus and child tax credit payments.

The IRS sent letters and notices detailing what you should have been paid, so you can use those amounts to know what to claim.

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