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Does my child need to file a tax return?

If minors are earning money, they may have to pay taxes and file their own return.

child coloring- do children need to file taxes?

There are a few things you and your dependents need to do.

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Can I include my child on my tax return?

If your child makes more than $12,500 a year, they will need to file their own taxes. You could also fill out a personal return for them. This remains true if their income investment exceeds $1,100. Find additional details here.

If your child’s only income is interest and dividends, it can be included on your return and can be combined with your income. However, if this is the case you will need to fill out and attach the IRS Form 8814.

It may be more beneficial to file  a personal tax return for your dependent even if you don’t have to.  Keep in mind that adding that adding their income could push you into a higher tax bracket.

A dependent that holds part-time job that is being taxed but doesn’t meet the threshold will also need to file to get a return.

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Who counts as a dependent child?

  • Someone under the age of 19 for the entire tax year or under 24 if they are enrolled in school full-time.
  • They live with you for at least half of the year.
  • If they do not provide more than half of their own financial support.

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