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New York State Division of Human Rights announces actions to enhance transparency

The New York State Division of Human Rights (DHR) today announced that it has launched new measures to enhance transparency in the agency’s processes and improve New Yorkers’ understanding of their rights under the state’s anti-discrimination law. This effort is a part of Governor Kathy Hochul’s groundbreaking initiative to improve transparency across over 70 executive agencies.

“It’s important that members of the public understand what DHR does and how we work to protect their rights,” said DHR Commissioner Maria Imperial. “We will continue to explore new ways to make our agency’s processes more accessible to New Yorkers.”

The agency specifically has:

  • Launched an online complaint form making it easier for individuals who have experienced discrimination to report it to DHR;
  • Begun posting documents that are frequently requested via Freedom of Information Law requests on its website;
  • Published a new infographic explaining the agency’s complaint resolution processes;
  • Formed a Disability Rights Advisory Committee made up of stakeholders and advocates from across the state to provide recommendations to DHR on how it can better assist people with disabilities.

The agency will also continue exploring other changes to improve transparency, such as making information on agency complaint outcomes available on its website and on OpenDataNY.

For more information about the Human Rights Law and the work of the agency, please visit the DHR website at

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