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Gas prices: How long will the cost of gas continue to rise?

Gas prices across the United States continues to rise at a rapidly steady rate following Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

car getting gas at the pump following increase in gas prices

Over the weekend the national average dipped below the record breaking $4.33 from Friday.

While dipping was a good sign, it doesn’t negate that gas prices have soared drastically over the last year.

At this time last year, gas was $1.47 per gallon.

In just one month the increase has been an average of $.88.

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How high is the gas tax in California?

How much more can gas prices rise?

The most recent increase was related to the conflict happening between Russia and Ukraine.

The U.S. imposed economic sanctions on Russia following their invasion into Ukraine, impacting the cost of oil.

It is unknown at this time how high gas prices can go, when they will go back down, or how long this will last.

Gas prices have reached a record high

California is suffering the most, with a gallon of gas reaching as high as $5.44 recently.

According to AS, experts say gas reaching $6-$7 per gallon is not likely.

While Americans aren’t happy about the cost of gas, they support the economic sanctions against Russia as the war unfolds.

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