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Northeast College of Health Sciences celebrates 30 years

The Northeast College of Health Sciences, formerly known as New York Chiropractic College, is celebrating 30 years in Seneca Falls and 103 years as a College and looks towards a bright future.

The college, located in Seneca Falls, had an enrollment of 689 as of their August 31, 2021 annual report, according to Finger Lakes Times. Students attend the Northeast College of Health Sciences after completing an undergraduate degree at another institution. The college stated in the same report that it hopes to boost enrollment in the near future.

For the 2020-21 academic year, the college had $20.2 million in total operating revenue, with tuition making up 86% of that revenue.

To celebrate its 30-year anniversary, the college installed a 19-foot post clock on campus with a plaque reading “Founded in 1919.” Originally, the college was located in New York City before relocating to Seneca Falls in 1991. The institution changed its name in June 2021.