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RECALL: Starbucks recalls over 250,000 drink cases

Over 250,000 Starbucks drink cases being recalled.

Recalled Starbucks product

Prepackaged Starbucks drinks are being recalled.

And they may have already made it into your fridge.

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Starbucks recall

More than 250,000 cases of prepackaged Doubleshot Espresso drinks have been affected.

This is due to inadequate sealing which can cause premature spoilage.

The exact product to look out for is the 6.5 ounce cans.

Of the following Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso flavors

  • Espresso & Salted Caramel cream
  • Espresso & Cream
  • Espresso & Light Cream

The affected products will have an expiration date of March 28.

They will also have one of the following numbers printed on the package.

  • 012000001772
  • 012000008801
  • 012000007293

If you have purchased any of these recalled items do not consume them.

Return them to the store you purchased them from for a full refund.

Or discard them.