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Kratom Potentiators

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There are better ways to enjoy your favorite Kratom strain by consuming an even less than your normal Kratom dose and getting a bigger hit followed by benefits that last for an extended period. The secret behind all that is using Kratom potentiators.

A potentiator is a substance, which helps make Kratom more potent. Even with a less potent strain, you can make the Kratom stronger, if you know the right ingredients to use. With the various potentiators available, it can be difficult to identify the one that suits you best.


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In this Kratom potentiation guide, we have detailed the best Kratom potentiators, to help you pick the one that works for you. First, it is vital to understand what Kratom potentiators are.

What are Kratom Potentiators

As mentioned earlier, a potentiator enhances the benefits of a substance. That is the reason why health experts are against taking some medications accompanied by other substances since they may lead to a chain reaction.

Kratom potentiators are substances that improve the benefits of a strain. Depending on the potentiator you use, the effects of your favorite strain can be more pronounced, last longer, or experience the full potential within a brief period. In addition, potentiators also help with the absorption of the product into the body.

However, you may come across various tricks of taking Kratom out there to experience the product’s full potential. Most people forget that taking Kratom on an empty stomach is one of the best tricks that work even without potentiators. This is because your dose of Kratom gets absorbed faster and effectively leads to a purer experience.

Why Use Kratom Potentiators?

If you are worried about your high Kratom intake and you want to lower your dose but maintain the same benefits, then you should learn how to potentiate Kratom. Consuming Kratom in small doses reduces your chances of developing tolerance.

Another benefit of potentiating Kratom is that it minimizes the cost of buying the product since you will need less of it. The potentiator you choose determines how long the effects of your Kratom will last.

If you are prone to Kratom and you are looking to solve the issue, using Kratom potentiators is the best solution. Potentiating your favorite Kratom will help you take a moderate dose and enjoy the product’s full potential.

10 Best Kratom Potentiators

1.      Coffee

The ritual of drinking coffee in the morning is familiar to many of us. Caffeine in coffee, and white vein and green vein Kratom make an excellent combination. Due to their shared plant family, coffee and Kratom complement each other well.

When you add Kratom to your cup of coffee, the combination can help you focus and stay motivated. Some users may find that the combination of caffeine, Kratom, and sugar is too much. The best alternative you should use is natural sweeteners, such as Stevia, honey, or agave juice. When drinking coffee with Kratom, you should use less or not at all sweet creamer or almond milk.

2.      Citrus juices like grapefruit

The best way to begin your day is by including grapefruit juice in your breakfast. Citrus juice like grapefruit or orange juice is among the most popular and powerful Kratom potentiators.

Citrus juices have a wide range of benefits including antioxidants, which are responsible for improving the immune system. Citrus juices also have enzymes that enhance Kratom alkaloids and provide potassium and Vitamin C to boost your nutritional requirements. The enzymes present in citrus juices also help with digestion as well as an efficient metabolism.

How to potentiate Kratom using lemon

Some citrus juices such as lime or lemon juice are not palatable. Adding your dose of Kratom to the juice can make palatability even worse. However, the best way to potentiate Kratom is by adding a slice of lemon to your Kratom tea.

After adding a sweetener to your Kratom tea, like honey, you will enjoy the potentiating benefits without worrying about the earthy bitter taste of Kratom.

If you prefer to potentiate Kratom with orange juice or grapefruit juice, you will also enjoy the sweetness of the juice, which helps mask the bitter taste. If you use the toss and wash method, you can chase down the product using a glass of citrus juice or combine your dose of Kratom with 8 oz. of juice.

3.      Turmeric

It contains a compound called curcumin that has powerful medicinal properties. The curcumin compound is a potent inhibitor of CYP3A4, which means it is an excellent Kratom potentiator.

Turmeric is the best potentiator of Kratom since it has a mild affinity for the NMDA receptor, which is effective in slowing down Kratom tolerance.

If you intend to use turmeric for potentiating, anti-inflammatory benefits, or nootropic benefits, ensure to consume a small amount of black pepper 30 minutes before taking your Kratom. Black pepper contains piperine as its active ingredient, which makes curcumin much more bioavailable. This combination produces a potent as well as focused Kratom experience.

4.      Apple Cider Vinegar 

The health and wellness industry is seeing a significant increase in the use of apple cider vinegar. Researchers and studies are revealing more and more benefits of ACV on and within the body. It is effective in improving skin, blood sugar, boosting cardiovascular health, and losing weight. This natural product also contains a probiotic that assists digestion.

How to potentiate Kratom using ACV

As a potentiator for Kratom, ACV is also outstanding. Using the toss-and-wash method, place your dose of Kratom behind your tongue and use ACV to chase the product down your gut.

It is best not to attempt this method until you have become accustomed to the ACV tang. The taste of ACV especially in large amounts is a bit off-putting.

Combine between 1 and 2 tablespoons of ACV with 8 ounces of water and Kratom to make a more subtle combination. To mask the taste even further, you can add one teaspoon of honey, cayenne pepper, or cinnamon. You can also add one tablespoon of lemon juice to make the ACV tarter.

5.      Watercress

It is ultra-hydrated lettuce rich in various nutrients, which help with digestion and absorption. Watercress hosts more Vitamin C compared to grapefruit and orange. It is also highly concentrated with more iron than spinach. Vitamin C and Iron help boost the cardiovascular and immune systems together with digestion.

How to make Kratom last longer using watercress

Watercress is available in capsules, though it is not the best form to potentiate Kratom. Combining your dose of Kratom using watercress salad is a great way to enjoy the full potential of your favorite strain.

If you still find the taste of Kratom bitter even after mixing with watercress salad, mix your dose with your salad dressing to mask the taste.

6.      Chamomile Tea

Most experienced Kratom users prefer to brew Kratom tea. However, some users are not aware that chamomile tea is an excellent potentiator. If you are a fan of red vein Kratom, chamomile is the perfect potentiator for you.

Taking chamomile Kratom tea in the evening before heading to bed is the best way to wind up a long day. Mix your red vein Kratom with chamomile tea and ensure to stir thoroughly.

You can also add lime juice or a piece of lemon to potentiate your Kratom to its full potential. If you do not like the taste of your chamomile tea, you can add agave syrup or a tablespoon of honey for added sweetness.

7.      Cat’s Claw

Originating from the tropical jungles of South America this organic compound is mostly found in a woody vine. The natives of this region used this herb for a medicinal purpose such as inflammation and infections.

However, it is not scientifically clear that the herb has the potential to solve these problems, but most people consume the supplement on daily basis. Most users of Kratom potentiators on Reddit claim that cat’s claw is one of the best products to potentiate Kratom with. This is because cat’s claw and Kratom have common alkaloids.

How to potentiate Kratom using cat’s claw

As it is with most natural products, cat’s claw is slightly bitter and when combined with Kratom, the combination gets unpalatable. To mask this bitter taste, you can add some sweetness.

Similar to Kratom, cat’s claw is also available in various forms including inner bark powder and liquid extract. Measure your dose of Kratom powder together with your cat’s claw and mix the two products in a glass. Add a glass of hot water with honey or your favorite citrus juice like orange and enjoy the full potential of your Kratom strain.

This unique hot pepper aids in body detoxification and purification. The product helps to boost the effectiveness of Kratom. Most users of Kratom use the product with dry Kratom powder. Because the pepper has a strong spiciness, use it sparingly.

Cayenne is a strong ingredient that helps in weight loss, production of saliva to enhance digestion, as well as discomfort relief. Mixing your dose of Kratom with black pepper aids in boosting the efficacy of your strain and decreases tolerance levels.

8.      Freeze Your Kratom

According to most users on various online platforms, especially Kratom potentiators on Reddit claims that freezing Kratom for half an hour is the best way to potentiate Kratom. Kratom under freezing temperatures breaks the cell walls of the product making it easy to release alkaloids faster.

You need a freezer-friendly container that comes with an airtight ceramic or hard plastic lid. Before placing your Kratom in the freezer, ensure to mix it with lemon juice, ACV, grapefruit, or any other acidic liquid.

Add half a glass of water to your Kratom and mix thoroughly with two teaspoons of your preferred juice. Ensure you end up with a Kratom paste. Place the paste in your airtight freezer-friendly container and freeze your Kratom for half an hour.

Remove the frozen Kratom to thaw and combine it with juice, water, or tea to enjoy the potentiating benefits.

9.      Black seed oil

In India, the black seed is a famous culinary ingredient. Also known as black cumin seed, the product has highly potent. The seeds also have high levels of antioxidants among other interesting compounds. The most active compounds in black seed oil are thymoquinone and quercetin.

When you potentiate your dose of Kratom with black seed oil, be sure to enjoy a wider range of effects for an extended period. Most users who have had a chance to potentiate Kratom using black seed oil claim that it helps prevent the after-effects of Kratom burn.

10. Akuamma Seed

If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on these seeds, it is essential to be cautious when potentiating your Kratom. Akuamma seeds are potent and structurally similar to the mitragynine alkaloid of Kratom.

When you mix Kratom powder with Akuamma seed powder, you end up with supercharged Kratom. When the alkaloids of both products combine, they create a more potent product. This is among the best ways to learn how to make Kratom last longer.

So, Which Is The Best Kratom Potentiator?

Exploring the world of potentiators is both rewarding and entertaining. Multiple diverse items can enhance your favorite strain of Kratom, from simple household fruits and veggies to potent botanical products.

When you potentiate your dose of Kratom, you should expect to enjoy the full potential of the product for an extended period. When employing potentiators, you must be cautious and deliberate. The improper usage of potentiating substances can result in a variety of issues.

The best potentiators of Kratom are arguably the NMDA antagonists. However, they pack a set of risks. Natural remedies, such as black cumin seed and turmeric, are also effective and safer in general.

Freezing your dose of Kratom before preparing tea is probably the safest approach. It’s not quite exceptionally successful, but it does improve the efficiency of Kratom extraction greatly.

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