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IRS: Delayed refunds due to tax credit math errors

Millions of Americans have submitted their tax returns to the IRS, only to find math errors from the child tax credit and stimulus checks have caused a delay.

tax return paperwork to submit to the irs to see a refund

If you submitted your return in Jan. or early Feb. and haven’t seen your refund, this could be why.

There are various reasons you haven’t seen your refund.

IRS: When will you see your tax refund after filing?

Why haven’t I seen my refund from the IRS yet?

If you supplied incorrect banking information, your payment was probably rejected.

In this case the IRS has to fix the error then take the time to figure out where to send the money.

Math mistakes are common errors this year.

Millions of math error notices go out to taxpayers each year.

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IRS: Where’s My Refund and IRS2Go App explained

If you opt for electronic filing, you have a better chance at the software catching a math error.

Hiring a professional to do it for you will also cut back on errors.

Many are seeing wait times of 90 to 120 days for refunds with the child tax credit or recovery rebate credit.

Those who file injured spouse claims can wait as long as 14 weeks.

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