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IRS: Where’s My Refund and IRS2Go App explained

Americans who have filed taxes with the IRS are now waiting for their refunds. Is there a way to keep track of them?

tax forms used to submit to the IRS for a tax refund

The answer is yes.

The IRS provides various tools for Americans to utilize and track any refunds they’re expecting.

The status of refunds may seem a bit trickier this year because now more than ever people have claimed the earned income and child tax credit.

Many people who do not file normally chose to file this year.

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How Where’s My Refund tool and IRS2Go app works for tracking refunds with the IRS

If you file electronically you can start tracking your refund in 24 hours.

If you file by paper it may take up to 4 weeks.

You can see when your return is received, approved, and sent.

Choosing direct deposit will get you your money the fastest.

Form 1040 explained

How long will it take the IRS to send a refund?

Many refunds will take up to 21 days, but there are various factors that may make it take longer.

Certain tax credits like EITC or CTC impact refunds.

Weekends and holidays could prolong the process.

If your return needs additional review, has errors, is incomplete, or looks impacted by identity theft, it will delay the process.

What won’t help your refund from the IRS arrive faster

Ordering your transcript or calling the IRS and your tax preparer will not expedite the process.

Anything you see on the Where’s My Refund tool or IRS2Go app is the same information someone at the IRS will tell you.

The best thing to do is use the tools provided through the IRS and its website.

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