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Unemployment: Florida benefits explained

Many Americans sometimes find themselves unemployed and in need of assistance. The federal program can be accessed through your state of residence.

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In Florida, you may collect unemployment benefits if you’re unemployed at no fault of your own.

This is temporary assistance for those who meet the state’s requirements.

Self employed and independent contractors became eligible during COVID-19.

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Who can collect unemployment benefits in the state of Florida?

You are required to be a Florida state resident who is currently unemployed.

You need to have worked in the state during the previous year and earned a minimum amount of income.

A search for work must be done every week you’re on benefits.

Are benefits taxed income?

Your job loss can not be your fault.

In order to qualify you need to have earned $3,400 before taxes and have the ability to work.

How can I apply for unemployment benefits in Florida?

If you want to file an unemployment claim you can visit Florida’s website here.

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You might have to provide your Social Security Number along with your driver’s license number.

Employment information for the last 18 months are necessary with all of the details.

If you’re in the military, a federal employee, or in a union you need to give that specific information.

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