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Montezuma Audubon Center highlighting dangers of invasive species

This is North American Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW).

The Montezuma Audubon Center is holding a virtual presentation on the invasive plant, animal and insect species that can be found in the Montezuma Wetlands Complex Friday from 6-7:30 p.m. Center Director Chris Lajewski says the week and the event will help draw attention to the potential harm these species can cause.

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Invasive species are defined as non-native plants, animals, pathogens, and microorganisms that can be found on land or in water. Once they become established in areas outside their normal habitat range, they are capable of causing severe damage, including harming the economy, the environment, or human health. NISAW is a nationwide event to raise awareness about invasive species, the threat they pose, and what can be done to prevent their spread. The management of invasive species is an ongoing effort at both Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, as well as at the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area. Restoring the wetlands, forest, and grassland habitats are so important throughout the Complex to provide native food sources, shelter, and habitat for the migratory and breeding birds that use the Montezuma Wetlands Complex throughout the year.

Volunteers spend hundreds of hours each year removing invasive species from the wetlands complex.

Click here to sign up for the presentation.

• Fee: $10/person, $25/family
• Suitable for ages 10 and up
• Pre-paid online reservations are required.
• After registering, the Zoom link will be included in your confirmation email. If you are unable to attend the program the day of, the presentation will be recorded and can be sent to you afterward.
• Call 315-365-3588 or email [email protected] with questions.