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Top packaging trends for 2022

We are officially preparing for Thanksgiving, which means the New Year will be starting anytime soon. While it is all fireworks and parties for the public, the brands have to revamp their annual strategy, and how is that possible without on-trend packaging boxes? With 2021 just around the corner, now seems like the perfect time to focus on checking out the new packaging trends

With this article, we are sharing top packaging trends for the year 2022. Not to forget, we have some little surprises to help you optimize packaging and understand the most vital aspects of packaging. So, are you ready to find out the details?

Pandemic Certification 

The fall is officially here, and the majority of brands are already looking for opportunities to beat COVID-19 because with all the gatherings, it’s likely that COVID-19 will be on a leash again. This also means the chances of lockdown, so why don’t we focus on gathering the important stock? The companies need to focus on upfront safety for the business as well as the supply chain. However, it might seem expensive to beat COVID-19, but you can reduce the impact. 

One way of reducing the impact on packaging by opting for pandemic prepared certification. The certification is provided from AIB International, which provides the upper hand in combatting COVID-19 as well as their viruses that could cause issues in the near future. So, get on your way of being pandemic prepared right now!

Protective Packaging 

When we are talking about protective packaging, make sure that it’s tamper-evident as well. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that safety and health should be your primary responsibility, and protective packaging is crucial. Similarly, protective packaging has become more famous among consumer goods brands and food manufacturers. These protective packaging solutions enable the companies to improve packaging’s safety. 

In addition, it will provide customers with the ability to see if the products have been tampered with or compromised. Some of these packaging options include flexible pouch, blister packaging, lid films, and seal bands. 

Contract Packaging

The resignation keeps piling up, and it’s spreading all across America, which is why the majority of businesses are concerned about their capacity to keep operating the packaging lines. Sure, the employment benefits are likely to end in September, which means the worker will be returning back. For this purpose, it’s the right time to outsource the packaging products and supply chain by utilizing contract packaging. 

The brands can opt for co-packers as they take care of packaging, so you can focus on more important business tasks. In addition, they can leverage the temporary yet extensive workforce to make sure the business is constantly operating. Not to forget, you don’t need to worry about the business’s future and success. So, do find out some time to get co-packers on board! 

Automated Packaging

If you want to align packaging in-house but want to make sure the business operation is streamlined even during the pandemic, you need to consider the technical tools. For this purpose, automation can be utilized to fight against this fatal pandemic. In addition, automating the packaging solutions is great for increasing and exceeding the KPIs. When the packaging line is automated, the workforce in the warehouse will be reduced, reducing the chances of COVID-19 spread while optimizing the packaging. 

When it comes down to automated packaging, you can opt for automated machinery or implement collaborative robots to automate the packaging line. As a result, the packaging production will enhance, and the quality will spruce up. On top of everything, you will be keeping your supply chain and personnel safe from viruses. 

AR & VR Packaging 

In 2021, we have already observed the advancement in VR and AR, especially in packaging. Since meta-verse is on the rise, it’s no secret why the majority of brands are switching to AR and VR packaging solutions. Ranging from 19 Crimes Wine to Pizza Hut, they are utilizing virtual reality and augmented reality in their packaging solutions. Some of the applications of AR and VR include special discounts, games, and coupons. In simpler words, it can provide an edge to the businesses, and who doesn’t want some additional publicity?

Transparent Packaging 

In the upcoming year, transparent packaging will become extremely popular, such as flexible pouches. The flexible pouches are designed with a plastic window that allows the customers to check out the product without taking it out from the package. When customers are able to feel the product texture and check out the items, it will create an interactive experience that will induce customers to pick up the product and check it out. 

Transparent packaging will increase the probability of customers checking out the products and put them on the shopping cart. The second example of transparent packaging is poly bags. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these bags have been around for decades, but 2022 will witness an increase in popularity. These bags can be used for packing bedding, mailers, trading magazines, clothing, and baked food items. 

Vintage Packaging

Vintage popularity was actually the packaging trend of 2021, but it’s continuing the charm the next year. Modern customers are always up for nostalgic feelings, and integrating vintage packaging is your packaging game will grab more customers. In simpler words, you’ve to remind customers about the “good old days” and watch them get attached to your products as well as packaging. To design vintage packaging, you can utilize old-school typography, color sequence, and aesthetics to make everything appealing. 

Luxury Packaging

Luxury packaging is always great, but it will become even more important during the year 2022. This is because luxury packaging will gain exceptional momentum because people love to treat themselves. The luxury packaging can be used for fine wines, watches, smartphones, fine goods, and other luxury production. Also, the luxury packaging can also be integrated with customized foam inserts and a well-made main product (yes, luxury packaging is all about multi-layer packaging). 

Luxury packaging can easily curate a sense of extravagance, so customers feel pampered. In fact, do you know the utilization of luxury packaging increased by 3% in only two years? You’ve got yourself an answer!

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