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Stimulus check: You must file tax return to see missed checks worth $1,400

Many Americans missed out on their stimulus check in 2021 even though they qualified for the payments.

stimulus check sent in the mail from the IRS under the american rescue plan

There are various reasons someone may not have seen a payment, but you can still claim the cash.

If you file your 2021 tax return, you can claim it as a recovery rebate credit, but you must do this to see the cash.

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Stimulus check for 2022

Under President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Act in 2021, Americans qualified for both stimulus checks and advanced payments through the child tax credit.

This year these stimulus checks and child tax credits are refundable, so you can get that money back with your refund.

Many people in 2021 may not have seen the money when they should have because they did not make enough to need to file taxes in years prior.

The payments were sent based on tax information from prior returns, so if there was no information on file, the IRS didn’t know to send anything.

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Who didn’t need to file a tax return and missed the stimulus check?

If you make under $12,550 at or over age 65, you do not need to file a tax return.

If you’re in the category of people that aren’t required to file taxes in 2022, you still should to get the refund.

People who are eligible can claim the recovery rebate credit for the full amount or the partial amount depending on what they received last year.

This is also how parents will need to claim the remaining balance for their child tax credit.

There was a way for those who do not file to claim their taxes last year, but the deadline has passed.

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Deadline for claiming your stimulus check or child tax credit

The deadline for 2022 is April 18, 2022 for filing tax returns.

Normally the date is April 15, but Emancipation Day has pushed it back.

You may also file for an extension that lasts 6 months as long as you do it by April 18.

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