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Cause of long COVID still stumps experts

About a third of COVID-19 survivors suffer a new symptom months later.

cause of long COVID stumps experts

Experts fear that the surge of Omicron will eventually lead to more cases of long COVID.

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Here’s what the experts have to say

Experts are still looking into the cause of long COVID, but are currently unsure. Some experts have shared their opinions here.

Nahid Bhadelia is the co-lead of the Massachusetts Consortium on Pathogen Readiness’ long COVID program. They said:

“Could this be something where the virus finds a reservoir and then evokes some sort of immune response, or is it damage that happened in the acute setting, or is it misfiring of your immune system? The reasons remain unclear. There is still a lot of work ahead.”

The top symptoms of long COVID to watch for are shortness of breath and fatigue. Chest discomfort, severe pain, dizziness, and brain fog are a few others that are common.

Long COVID can be treated with physical rehabilitation, but neurological symptoms linger longer.

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