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Update to New York mask mandate coming Wednesday, but expected to remain in schools

Governor Kathy Hochul says an update to the proof-of-vaccination or mask mandate is coming to New York on Wednesday.

Exact details have not yet been leaked, but according to statements made last week, as well as an ongoing legal battle over the constitutionality of the mask mandate at private businesses- it’s likely that most businesses have the opportunity to let customers go maskless.

“We are going to be assessing our situation here in New York,” Hochul said early in the week. The measure would expire on Thursday under its last update.

New York’s indoor mask mandate is facing a challenge in state court. A Supreme Court judge on Long Island had overturned it, but a stay allowed the order to continue as an appeal is sought.

Opponents say the Department of Health didn’t have the authority to institute a statewide mask rule. The Hochul administration argues otherwise.

COVID-19 cases have dropped significantly over the last 30 days.