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IRS: Do not lose your tax refund to scammers

The IRS has released a warning to tax payers that they need to be aware of scammers, or risk losing their tax refund entirely.

irs tax return form they ask you to submit as soon as possible to avoid tax fraud from scammers

Beginning Jan. 24, Americans were able to start submitting their tax returns to the IRS.

Your W-2 will likely be the most important tax document for filing a return.

Your employer provides your W-2 and it details your earnings as well as what you’ve paid or withheld in taxes.

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Employees can expect their forms to be mailed or sent by Jan. 31.

Now that the time has come, the IRS says the sooner you file your taxes, the less likely you’ll fall victim to tax fraud.

These were first reported by The Sun.

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Here are 10 things the IRS wants you to know to help avoid falling victim to tax fraud

  1. Be careful about your tax preparer. Some people may pose as a preparer only during tax season to steal your information.
  2. Make sure you have your tax person’s IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number.
  3. If they refuse to sign your tax return, do not use them.
  4. Don’t fall for discount promises for larger refunds.
  5. Your tax preparer should not legally see your refund first, only you should.
  6. The IRS will never intimidate or threaten to arrest you if you don’t send them money.
  7. The IRS is never going to use text, email, or social media to contact you.
  8. If you see links or messages from the IRS in any of these ways, do not click on them.
  9. Do not give them personal or financial information through these forms of contact.
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