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SSI: 2022 Payment schedule

Millions of Americans benefit from SSI and Social Security payments, and the Social Security Administration has released their 2022 payment schedule.

ssi and social security payment schedule released by the SSA
Payment schedule, 2022. Social Security Administration.

The maximum SSI payment a person can get is $841.

SSI payments go out on the first of every month unless there’s a holiday. If that’s the case it will go out the first business day before the first of the month.

Millions received their Feb. 1 payment yesterday, with their next one slated for March 1, 2022.

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In May, SSI recipients will see their payment on April 29 because the first is a Sunday.

October’s payment will be sent Sept. 30.

The average payment is $621 in 2022, up from $587 thanks to the COLA increase.

Some states pay an additional supplemental income to those on SSI.

New York offers $87 more dollars for singles and $104 for couples that collect together.

Alabama offers $120 more each month to couples.

Social Security counting as income explained

If you collect SSI and have another form of income that counts you will likely see a decrease in monthly benefits.

This means if you live with another person who pays for household expenses you may see less in your payment.

Children with disabilities or who are blind can also collect SSI.

If you’re under 65 collecting SSI you need to have a qualifying disability or blindness, and anyone over 65 needs to meet the financial qualifications.

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Social Security payments

The Social Security Administration  sends Social Security payments as well.

These payments go out on the second, third and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Payments are staggered based on when your birthday falls.

If your birthday lands on the 1st through 10th, you’ll get a payment the second Wednesday of each month.

Those with birthdays on the 11th through 20th will get paid the third Wednesday of each month.

Anyone with birthdays falling on the 21st on will get paid the fourth Wednesday of each month.

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